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Will My Web Designer Create Content For Me?

Let’s talk about one of the most recurring issues I’ve seen which also happens to be a problem faced by almost all web designers as well as being frequently asked by web design clients.

Will my web designer create content for me? The answer to that is it depends. Have you both come to an agreement that states he/she will create content for you? or are you assuming they will do that as a part of the package?. I have seen a similar question in Quora before and there are some nice answers to that.

To be completely clear and neutral, content is what gives life to the website and may affect its success of the website popularity. and like any other job, there is one specifically catered for that which are content writer and copywriter (check this link to read more about their difference).

How to clear the confusion with web design clients

It’s simple, make it clear. The main responsibility of web designers is to create a beautiful shell (website) that achieves what it is intended for (which differs) and still functions correctly according to client needs.

Let’s make it easier for both parties (web designer and web design client) by being accurate and specific in the contract/proposal that if the web designer will also be responsible for content creation or not and that includes the fee for it. Also to avoid excessive requests later on You’d better be specific about what you will do, such as the number of pages and their designation (Home, About, Services, etc…), according to the discussion with your client.

Here are some other notes to be aware of

  • It may be complimentary on your part to provide the heading content for them because sometimes the clients have certain ideas to implement where you can shape the words for it.
  • If they have ready-made content for the website and they provide it for you to put it on the site (I’d agree unless it requires further editing, then I will decline). Doing that will leave a good impression of you being cooperative (you have to mention that it is not part of your job to do that in the first place to earn the impression).
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Things to take note of (for web design clients)

  1. Your web designer is not obligated to write the content for your website and if they agree, then they will charge a fee for that.
  2. The content of pages if not provided then it will be replaced with dummy content and most if not all web designers will not wait for you to complete your content by the time they finish creating your website.
  3. Some web designers charge late fees to avoid getting stuck waiting for you to finish your content. So it is up to you if you want to pay a lot more.

To Summerize it

Content creation, writing, and editing are not mandatory for web designers. That also includes importing content from older websites (nearly forgot that !!).

If web design clients want that service and web designers are willing to provide it, then it is perfectly normal to charge additional fees for it. Most web agencies will agree to the content writing and will draft a term for it in their contract. Whereas freelancer web designers may agree to it and outsource the job to a professional content writer.

If you have faced that problem, I’d be happy if you share it in the comments below

Tumore prostatico: la prognosi in base a stadio, grado e rischio
Tumore prostatico: la prognosi in base a stadio, grado e rischio
and tell me how you dealt with it.

Lastly, If you need web design services for your business, I will happily take your requests here.


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