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Working with you motivates me as I help you.

Here is some information for you to get to know a little more about me. I have taken specific courses in web development including the various methods of designing websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and different website builders. To apply my knowledge, I’ve decided to design my very own web page to practice and improve.

To continue developing is to make a decision to continue learning so i applied to go on and take the profissional classes for all my previously learned design languages for the betterment of myself and my future clients.

I have to mention those who helped me along the way, be it fwd Egypt free courses with Udacity cooperation or YouTube Darrel Wilson and Tyler Moore for their great educative videos and learning process.

Ahmed El-Morsy

Web designers are not only web designers

When you make the intentional decision to create a brand and website with diversity, equity, and inclusion in mind, you’re making a powerful statement:

You’re showing your clients (and the world) that you care deeply about the people you serve.

That is why one of my particular interests is to help others. For that i decided to start my own YouTube Channel to make videos explaining some learning and important information about the web and how important these information are, and also their application and its procedure.

Did you know I also have my blog?

As they say, what’s a better way to know you than to read what you write. Words are the key to the character. Also I provide a nice tips for those who are starting their career and provide the track they can walk on, so as not to lose their way.

Do you think we can work Together?

If you’re a business man who is looking to improve, expand and has novel ideas. Let’s create a website that matches your novelity and attract more clients your way. I’m here to help you with the technicalities.