5 Reasons Why You Need A Website For Your Business in Egypt

5 Reasons You Need A Website For Your Business In Egypt

According to data published by DataRePortal in Jan 2021, 91.8% use mobile connections via mobile phones, 57.3% of the total population are internet users which increased by a total of 8.1% (equals to about 4.5 million people) from Jan 2020. This is 2022 Now, Imagine the percentage of increase. What follows are the top 5 reasons you need a website for your business in Egypt.

The time spent Daily using the internet is 7 Hrs 36 mins (that doesn’t include watching streaming, using social media, listening to music, or gaming).

A chart of internet usage in Egypt 2021
Some may say “well, most of the time is spent on social media”. I think you need to get this straight, the next image clarifies that well.

See that the search on Google is at the top, even above social media like Facebook, and even the traffic from social media referrals takes only about 4% of the total search results.

That means 96% of people searching for their needs on Google doesn’t have any relation whatsoever with social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on.

Top websites by traffic in Egypt 2021
Websites traffic from social referrals in Egypt 2021

5 Reasons You Need A Website For Your Business

1- Your website attract new customers through Google

You may think your current customer base is enough, but every company experience customers turnover, so you need to attract new customers and the best way to do that is through Google search results (It doesn’t mean social media advertising is not needed, on the contrary, this is a part of off-page SEO to attract different customer base to your website).

Sources of new brand discovery, Egypt 2021

By implementing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies. You can appear on the first page of the Google search result page (SERP) for your business type.

SEO may sound like a complicated thing but it mainly adjusts your website to match the customers’ use of keywords when searching on Google.

Primary channels for brand research, Egypt 2021

And as you can see in the above image that after customers learn about a specific brand and before they decide whether they need to accept its service or buy its products, they do their research. That’s where your social media pages are accounted for (as a source of further confirming the image of your brand).

2- Better display of your services/ products

You can attract your clients’ attention by displaying your products/services in a unique way through high-quality imagery, videos, and animation. For product display examples go here, and for services display examples, you can also see this.

You can also target certain customers by showcasing competitive prices or sales/ discounts for your services or products. You can also display various other features or conditions to make people know what benefits to gain from your business.

Let me give you 2 different examples of what you can do to attract customers:

  1. A musician displays a kind of music video and concert images of the artists they worked with and what type of music they specialize in, whether eastern or western music scores.
  2. A restaurant displays 2 different menus for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians to attract both types of customers to dine at their restaurant.

3- Social Proof

What better way to make people trust you than by doing testimonials for all visitors of your website to see what other people say about your business.

Having great reviews displayed is always a way for people to judge that you are good at what you do and make them head your way should they ever need your services/products.

Testimonial types

4- Showing your business location

To make it easy for customers to find you, it is all a matter of impeding an interactive Google map of your business location into your website. You can also add different ways for your customers to contact you like e-mails, social media, or phone numbers.

5- Chance to better your competitors

If your competitors have a website and you don’t, they will be the first choice the customers go to when they need that kind of service and not you. Simply because they researched them online and got attracted by their websites.

So Do You Need A Website For Your Business?

I hope that after reading this article, you will realize the importance of a website and will not think that you don’t need one and instead think ‘What will I lose if I don’t have a website?’.

Nowadays, everyone is online searching for a way to achieve their needs. Be a gateway that is open for them to go through.

If you think you are ready, feel free to contact me about what type of website you need.

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