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Beginner’s Guide: How To Deal With Your First Client?

So you got your first client and it will be the time for the first meeting. Congratulations!

author’s note: watch this video to know how to get your first client( LINK ). This guy is really good. back to the topic, what do you do?

My first advice is DON’T PANIC.

Here are some steps to get things flowing smoothly.

1- Pre-meeting preparation

What I mean by pre-meeting preparation is doing research like searching for the client-related business and their standing in the market related to their field, their possible competitors, and their websites (preferably in the same region, which can also be done after gaining that info. from the client himself).

You do this for a reason of course and that is to appear rather knowledgeable and leave a good first impression so as to ease the following procedures.

2- Stick to what you know

Don’t fret over your work quality as in the end, you will be presenting different versions of it (you’d better use a wireframe platform) so you will have the option of keeping past versions in case your client needs to go back to an earlier version. And what you may like is not always what your client will like.

Another thing is to clearly mention which CMS (or different method) you work with. Do that to avoid any future conflicting views.

3- Be Organized

You’d better set a strict procedure for yourself and follow it by the book. By the way, I have a PDF with a list of questions that I made which can be used with your client (Subscribe and I will email it to you for free). and I have a book here that may help and I’m happy to provide it as an Amazon associate.

4- Good Self-estimation

Don’t underestimate yourself and also don’t overestimate it and say something along the line of

Let’s grab what we can

From Some movie

That will affect you badly and affect your future. let’s take the following as an example that can definitely happen

Let’s say you overpriced your services and that the client agreed and after finishing and delivering the project, he asks around and finds that you cost him some pretty cash. One thing he will definitely do is either bad-mouth you with his contacts (which may result in the loss of future clients), which brings us to the next point.

5- Browse the local prices

some may ask why the local prices and not the world-known or agreed upon approximate pricing for the king of service you provide.

Well, think of it as, it is better to get referrals and do 10 jobs locally than 1 job internationally (and it won’t be late to set your own pricing criteria afterward).

6- Don’t be afraid to reject

The last piece of advice is don’t be afraid to say no.

Sometimes you will meet an unreasonable client who will have some insane requests for too low of a price. First, try to clarify that your price is in the agreeable range of the market pricing for your job tier and matches the demands he made. If he insists on arguing then “No, I can’t do that for you with the price you mention, Thank you for meeting me, Goodbye”.

That’s it. These are some quick tips to deal with your client and as you grow more experienced, you will have your own mechanism to refer to and apply.

Don’t forget to enter your e-mail in the subscription box for a free version of my PDF of my what to ask in your meeting.

If you have any other tips and ideas that I haven’t mentioned, please share them in the comments below.

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